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You are the mentors of today’s budding musicians. That’s a rather hefty responsibility, isn’t it? We’re here to help. Peruse our blog that’s choc-full of resources to sharpen your teaching skills and motivate you to be the best educator you can possibly be.

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Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The music teacher is more than just a private instructor.   She is a role model and personal mentor for her students.   Her pupils place absolute trust in what she says.   In many cases, her advice matters more than anyone else’s in her student’s lives, except for their parents.   This gives the music teacher tremendous power.   If not careful, the teacher can use this influence to unwittingly crush her student’s dreams.   As a private teacher and a parent, I take personal interest in preventing such … Continue Reading

John Tracy

Business Advice for Music Teachers

Business, Teaching, and Life Advice for Music Teachers: John Tracy Interview Parts III & IV In the final two videos in this series, John Tracy–Founder and Owner of Tampa Bay Music Academy–advises music teachers to strengthen their networks and sharpen their skills.   These invaluable … Continue Reading

Work at Home Mom

Teaching Music: Advice for Work at Home Parents

Teaching music lessons is a viable career choice for work at home parents.   Many mothers, fathers, and legal guardians make the choice to work at home so they can remain in close contact with their children.   One of the biggest challenges of working … Continue Reading

Isabelle Jeannet

Turn Any Setback into Success

Sometimes a huge setback can fuel your greatest success.   After two surgeries on her hand, concert pianist Isabelle Jeannet was forced to put her performance career on hold.   During this time, she intensely studied hand movements of many great piano masters.   What … Continue Reading

Treasure Negative Feedback

Treasure Negative Remarks and Feedback

The critique that hurts actually helps the most. Open rebuke is better than secret love (Proverbs 27:5). A few years ago, a good friend of mine related to me what had happened to him during an audition for a prestigious company. After singing his songs, … Continue Reading Continue reading