Musicians Live Their Dreams, Improve the World

At My Dream Teacher, we love shining the spotlight on musicians who have achieved their dreams and made a positive difference in the world. Read all about their triumphs, what they’ve learned from their failures, and learn how you can become your own success story. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be interviewing YOU someday! If you have or know of any inspiring stories you’d like to share, tell us!

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Nina Stone J-Walk

How to Find Your Calling through Music

Sometimes while chasing our dreams, we actually wind up at a better destination. Nina Stone set out for the Big Apple with the intention of launching her musical theater career. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the life of a children’s entertainer. Ms. Stone has since transformed herself into Miss Nina, the singing, songwriting, enormously entertaining party host for children’s groups in the New York area. As Nina shares with us her fascinating story, she reveals how pursuing her music dreams led her to find her … Continue Reading Continue reading

Brittany Bullen

How to Change the World, The Brittany Bullen Way

Brittany Bullen, Composer of the musical Shelter An inspiring musical called Shelter is coming to New York this fall (2012). Loaded with emotional songs and a powerful message, the show was chosen among hundreds of entrants to be featured this July in the New York … Continue Reading Continue reading

Students pursuing careers in organ performance will benefit from Felipe Dominguez’s professional advice.

4 Steps to Becoming a Concert Organist

For students interested in pursuing careers as concert organists, Felipe Dominguez, principal organist at the First Presbyterian Church in Annandale, VA, shares his professional advice.   Felipe Dominguez’s Top 4 Tips for Budding Organists Most concert organists have a church position as their main source … Continue Reading

Amy Kalas WH Music Therapy

America Wants More Board Certified Music Therapists

The demand for board certified music therapists is growing at an alarming rate.   In fact, there aren’t enough music therapists to meet the present demand.   As the general population gains awareness of this fascinating field, more people are asking for private and group … Continue Reading

Paul McCartney and Bungie

Shattering Stereotypes with Sir Paul McCartney

  Sir Paul McCartney has had a lifetime of pushing the envelope in the music industry, from his Beatles days to his involvement with Wings and his successful solo career.   Yet his business savvy has extended his influence outside the music world.   On … Continue Reading