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7 Reasons Everyone Should Play Piano

7 Reasons Everyone Should Play Piano

I’m an advocate of having every musician play the piano.   This powerhouse instrument packs a powerful punch of benefits.   These are merely the top seven:   1)           It has more notes.   The piano keyboard represents every note available on other instruments.   There is no instrument that has a note that the piano does not have.   This reason alone gives a strong case for everyone to play piano.   2)           What you hit is what you … Continue Reading

Stephen Tanner

How to Get on the Radio: The Classical 89 Interview

Classical 89 is the professional classical music radio station Brigham Young University produces. Since we moved to Utah, Classical 89 has become our family’s favorite radio station. Today My Dream Teacher presents this special interview with three individuals who have worked with this outstanding radio … Continue Reading Continue reading

Organize Your Music Scores

Organize Your Music Scores in 3 Simple Steps

Creating a system to organize your music is not as overwhelming as you think. If you’re like most music students, your dilemma is how to organize your music. Your desire to be organized may be very intense, but figuring out how to do it can … Continue Reading Continue reading

Think you own your sheet music? Not until you mark it up.

Think You Own Your Sheet Music? Think Again.

You may think you own your sheet music, but there’s only one way to tell. How much do you make it a part of yourself? Think about it. When you borrow music from a friend or a teacher, you’re often too afraid to touch it, … Continue Reading Continue reading

Make It Through a Sad Song

How to Sing a Sad Song without Crying

Singing a tragic tune is rough. Just one teardrop will muddle the clarity of the voice. Learn the tricks to get over the tears. When I began studying the role of Lily in The Secret Garden musical, I could not get through her songs without … Continue Reading Continue reading